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Police Records Request

  1. Notice

    Pursuant to Wisconsin §19.35(1)(h)(i), requests do not have to be in writing and the requestor is not required to state the purpose of the request, nor identify themselves. 

    However, completion of this form will assist us in processing your request and properly identifying the records you wish to inspect or have copied.

    Fees and charges related to obtaining or locating records may apply as outlined in the Public Records Fee Schedule.

  2. Confidentiality / Personally Identifiable Information

    Please read and complete The Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) form if you are seeking records which may contain personal or highly restricted personal information.  The form must be completed for purposes of determining whether such information should be released or redacted.

    Forms can be submitted to


    Juvenile records are also subject to severe scrutiny under Wisconsin statute and will not be released or will be heavily redacted as directed by law.  Persons eligible to receive juvenile records will be required to submit additional documentation as outlined on out website.

    Forms can be submitted to

  3. Person Requesting Records
  4. Access to Records

    Please be advised that Wisconsin statute requires officials to comply with a request for records in a reasonable amount of time; however, no specific time frame has been identified.  The police department strives to have the records produced in a rapid manner but can not make any guarantees or promises to meet deadlines required by requesters.

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