Community Information

Mail box post installation

The Village of Fox Point offers mail box post installation for a $200 fee.  Please note that this does not include the mail box but Village staff will mount the mail box if it is available at the time of post installation.  You must bring the completed Mail Box Post installation form along with the $200 fee to Village Hall before the installation to be scheduled.

Mail Box Post installation form

MMSD Pipe Check Program

Do you get water in your basement? Do you find yourself cleaning your lateral out every year? MMSD can help!

Water in your basement can be caused by rain or groundwater, also known as clear water, overwhelming your sanitary lateral pipe causing sewage and water to back-up in your basement. Sources of clear water include connected downspouts and foundation drains, and defects in your sanitary lateral such as roots. All of these sources increase the likelihood of basement back-ups.

The Pipe Check program provides financial incentives to help homeowners eliminate these sources of clear water from your home at a reduced cost.  

Please check the MMSD web site for more information on causes of back-ups, the Pipe Check Program and participation requirements for financial incentives:

MMSD Pipe Check Information

Water Service Pipe Inventory

The Village of Fox Point is required by the State of Wisconsin to complete a water lateral materials inventory by October of 2024. Village staff has initiating the inventory through reviewing permits for documented lateral materials.  Should the internal document review show the Village does not have confirmation of the material of your homes' lateral, you will be receiving a post card asking you to follow the identification guide and submit the lateral material for the required inventory.  The identification guide and reporting instructions are below.  If you do not receive a post card you do not need to do anything.  We appreciate you help in completing this state required task.

Lateral Material Identification Guide

Lateral Material Reporting Guide