Beach Drive Coastal Resiliency Project

Project Updates - August 30. 2022

Village staff has been working with MSA, the DNR and the Army Corps of Engineers to finalize the plans, specifications and permitting for the project. The project is at an approximate 95% completion level waiting on comments from the DNR and Corps before finalizing the work. The Village held a Public Information Meeting (PIM) on Tuesday, August 23, 2022 at 6:30 pm at Fox Point Village Hall to discuss the design, project schedule, landscaping and public access.  Interested individuals interested in viewing the PIM may click on the following link HERE.

At the meeting, staff and our consultant, (MSA) discussed the revetment design, public access and proposed landscaping features. A copy of the presentation may be reviewed by clicking on the presentation link below.   The draft drawings may be reviewed by clicking on the included link. The drawings show existing and proposed conditions, storm sewer improvements, landscaping and erosion control components. Please note that the landscape plan is still being reviewed by staff and is subject to change.

PIM presentation August 23, 2022

Draft Beach Dr. 8/3/22

At the meeting, attendees requested the ability to comment on the proposed revetment project.  Staff noted that a comment form would be made available but that comments needed to be limited in nature; that is, the design and location for the revetment has been established based on discussions with WDNR and the Corps and changes to the revetment design are extremely unlikely.  However, interested parties may comment on the landscape plan, public access, and the such.  The comment form can be accessed by clicking on the following link.

Comment form 

Original Project information

In late 2019 in response to increasing lake levels, Village staff retained consultants to document the shoreline erosion and damage that was occurring along Beach Drive (predominantly along the road sections). Between mid-October 2019 and early December 2019, portions of the shoreline had eroded up to seven (7) feet due to the impacts from the higher lake levels, wind and wave action. In November 2019, staff began working with Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM) to prepare and submit a grant application to FEMA that would assist in creating a more resilient environment along the shoreline. The application was submitted to FEMA at the end of January 2020 and in mid-summer 2020 we were informed that the Beach Drive Coastal Resiliency Project was selected by FEMA for funding.

After being selected, staff worked with our initial consultants and WEM to provide clarifying information and materials to FEMA as they continued their review of the project. In June 2021, we were informed that the Programmatic Environmental Assessment was completed by FEMA, a requirement for projects that will receive funding over $1 million. The Large Project Notification process was completed late summer 2021 and was officially awarded in September 2021.  

In early 2021, MSA was selected to finalize the design for the resilient investment project and who developed concepts that were considered by residents along Beach Drive as well as all stakeholders in the Village.  A Public Information Meeting (PIM) was held on August 5, 2021 at 7:00 pm  in the Village Board Room to solicit input.

Comments were received and shared with MSA and a meeting was held with the Village Board to discuss the comments and provide an update on design options. Residents were encouraged to view the Beach Drive Coastal Resiliency Project Story Map which provides the reader with information on the project timeline, existing compared to past conditions, and an inventory of photos taken during the 2019-2020 time period where the shoreline suffered damage and our contractors provided temporary stabilization of the shoreline.  The site is located at the following link:

Please check back to this page regularly for updates on the project.