Lake Drive Road Resurfacing Project

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is working with the Village of Fox Point and our consultant, Kapur & Associates, to replace the deteriorating pavement on Lake Drive from School Road north to the Village limits.  The work, as currently planned, is deemed a “perpetuation” project by the DOT and only includes resurfacing of the existing roadway.  

The resurfacing does not address improvements requested by members of the community over the past several years and which were identified in the Village’s Comprehensive Plan such as adding crosswalks, creating bike lanes, and improving storm water performance at critical areas along the route.  As a result, the Village retained Kapur & Associates under a separate agreement to evaluate the possibility of adding bike lanes throughout the entire stretch of Lake Drive and crosswalks at selected intersections of Lake Drive 

Kapur has completed its evaluation of Lake Drive related to bike lanes and crosswalks and there is NO intent to remove the existing pedestrian path nor the Village street trees in a wholesale manner. As a Tree City community for 30 years, staff prides itself on preserving most trees in road reconstruction projects and will work to do the same on this project.

Public Informational Handouts:

Lake Drive PIM Presentation

Lake Drive PIM Exhibits

Typical Sections

Lake Drive Handout and Comment Form

The DOT recently notified Kapur and the Village that they have decided to evaluate funding bike lanes and crosswalk improvements under a pilot project in the southeast region.  One component of their consideration will be the results of input received at the PIM; namely, whether residents are strongly in favor of adding the crosswalks and bike lanes.  To that end, staff and Kapur strongly suggest that residents and stakeholders submit written comments to us using the comment form above.

As for the road itself, design for the resurfacing of the road has already begun and is expected to be completed by May 2023. Construction will likely occur in either 2025 (depending on funding from the DOT) or 2026. 

Please continue to check back to this page for updates on both projects.