Residential Security

  1. Apartment / Condo
  2. Outside your home
  3. House and Garage Doors
  4. Patio and Sliding Glass Doors
  5. Securing Windows
  6. Away From Home

Residents should consider the following options to increase the security in your apartment or condominium:

Underground Garage Area

  • Stop once you are inside and remain near the door until the garage door closes to prevent any unwanted individuals from entering.
  • Lock your vehicle and remove all valuables.
  • Valuables such as bicycles should be locked in a secure area or storage room.


  • Never let anyone in that you don’t know.
  • Report all issues regarding doors, locks, and security concerns to your property manager right away.


  • Lock your doors, windows, and draw your shades at night.
  • Install deadbolt locks of good quality with a 1-inch throw.
  • Add security strike plates – heavy duty plates approximately 6 inches long that use four to six 3-inch screws.
  • Install 180-degree, wide angle viewer to your door.
  • Secure all sliding glass doors with a length of wood in the track or by adding a Charley Bar.

Call 9-1-1 if you see or hear anything suspicious.