Calumet Road Utility and Reconstruction Project

October 2019

  • Due to the time of year and various weather delays that have occurred, the contractor will only perform rough grading of the ditches along Calumet and Bergen this fall. Final grading activities (topsoil, seed, fertilizer, mulch) will occur next spring. However, the entire project area will be temporarily stabilized (straw or similar type product placed over the rough graded soil) by the contractor which will cover the area until next spring. For leaf collection activities, please continue to blow/rake your leaves out to the shoulder of the road as temporary stabilization will likely occur after all or most leaf collection activities have been completed.
  • Mailboxes have been reinstalled and is nearing completion.
  • Striping of Calumet should be completed by the end of the week, October 18. The current schedule has the road being striped either Thursday or Friday. We ask that you limit your road usage while the road is being striped

September 2019

  • Paving will begin on Thursday, September 19 along Calumet Road
  • Cars will be able to drive on the asphalt after it has been rolled, but school buses will not be allowed.
  • On Monday, September 23, Lake Drive at Calumet will be completely closed as well as the area around the railroad tracks to allow contractors to remove the old road and pave the new surface. No cars or buses will be able to get through on Lake Drive on Monday.
  • Paving of the top layer of asphalt may continue into Tuesday.

August 2019

  • Storm sewer work on Calumet is expected to be completed by the end of the day next Monday, August 26. The only remaining storm sewer work is on the east end near Lake Drive. Buses and parents dropping off their children should be able to navigate through the various stone piles, construction equipment, and barricades.
  • After the storm sewer work on Calumet is completed, Wood (the prime contractor) will mobilize to Bergen and start the storm sewer and water main replacement work. This work affects about 300 feet of road from Port Washington to the east. There will be a period of time where we will need to close the road to complete the storm sewer crossing (likely to affect Maple Dale more than Stormonth). The road may be closed for a day, perhaps two. Our inspector will reach out with updates on the schedule as they get closer to closing the road to complete the storm sewer work. I am anticipating that one lane of traffic may remain open while the water main is installed.
  • Starting next Tuesday or Wednesday (August 27 or 28), Wood’s subcontractor will begin preparing Calumet road for paving. This includes excavation activities along the side of the road and placement of additional stone so that we can create the five foot paved shoulder. The subcontractor (Baumhardt) is expecting this work to take about two weeks.
  • Around the week of September 9, Wood’s other subcontractor (Payne & Dolan) will begin milling Calumet Road and perform final grading prior to paving. Once the road is milled, Wood will be completing work on approximately 17 manholes within Calumet Road. It is anticipated that one lane of traffic will be open for buses during the time Baumhardt and Payne & Dolan are on site.
  • Around the week of September 16, Payne & Dolan is expected to pave the road. During paving, our goal will be to limit the amount of traffic on the freshly placed asphalt mat. As we get closer to the date of paving, we will share more information with you regarding potential detours and the like.
  • It is also anticipated that once Baumhardt and Payne & Dolan have completed their work on Calumet, they will mobilize to Bergen and complete activities on that road.