Leaf and Yard Waste Collection

Loose leaves are collected at the roadside during the months of October and November. During loose leaf collection, it is not necessary to bag or contain the leaves; putting them at the roadside is sufficient.
 Leaves placed for collection during other times of the year must be placed in reusable containers with handles or in paper bags designed to contain yard waste.

Yard waste is collected throughout the year. It includes green plants, small branches/twigs and thatch. The Village does not collect grass clippings. Yard waste should be put by the roadside in a container that can be emptied or in sturdy paper bags.

Where to Place Leaves

Leaf piles are required by village ordinance to be placed off the roadway. Placing leaf piles on the roadway creates a dangerous situation that can attract children and place them at risk. Leaf piles should be placed between the bottom of the ditch and the edge of the asphalt pavement, placed away from sign posts, mailboxes and fire hydrants.

Leaf Pick-Up Information

Department of Public Works employees pick up the leaves on a daily basis from October 1 through November 30. The crews "vacuum" leaf piles generally once a week. During this time, it is unnecessary to contain the leaves. Having them at the roadside is sufficient. Unfavorable weather may adversely affect the collection routines. Should snow plows disturb leaf piles, residents need to re-stack the leaves. Residents that have piles placed on the roadway, even if placed there by a contractor, can be subject to fines of $164.