Garbage is collected once a week (Monday-Thursday) at each residence. To ensure pick up, all garbage must be placed outside of your garage by 7 am on your pick up day.  Please note-large items you wish to be collected that will not fit into your trash can, please place a note on each item so staff will know to take those items.


Recyclables are collected once a week (Monday-Thursday) at each residence. To ensure pick up, all recyclables must be placed outside of your garage by 7 am on your pick up day (same day as garbage pick up). Recyclables are collected by Waste Management.

It's important to know the facts about proper recycling. Check out Waste Management's Recycling Myths  or WM's Recycling 101 fact sheet which explain basic rules and tips for recycling.

Contact Waste Management via: 

Phone 262-251-4000

You will be given the option to state the following to get you to the correct service agent

  1. Zip Code
  2. Property Address
  3. Press 1 for Residential Service

When you are connected to one of the agents

  1. State you are a resident of the “Village of Fox Point in Wisconsin”
  2. The agent will then be able to pull all the information for the recycling services WM provides for the Village of Fox Point and assist you.

 via chat at www.wm.com

   1. In the chat state you are a resident of the “Village          of Fox Point, WI”.

   2, The agent will then be able to assist you via the             information WM has for the Village.

 or email at wmeservice@wm.com 

    1. Subject Line: “Village of Fox Point, WI – (insert               subject of inquiry – i.e. Acceptable Recycling                   Material)

    2. Include your name, address and phone number in         your email.

Helpful Links

Leaf & Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste is collected throughout the year. To be collected, yard waste should be placed by the roadside in a container that can be emptied or in sturdy paper bags.

Acceptable yard waste includes:

  • Green plants
  • Small branches and twigs
  • Thatch
  • We do not accept grass clippings.

Fall Yard Waste

The months of October and November are considered loose leaf collection months, meaning that it is not necessary to bag your leaves. Simply put them at the roadside to be collected.

Leaf piles should be placed between the bottom of the ditch and the edge of the asphalt pavement away from sign posts, mailboxes, and fire hydrants.

Residents that have piles placed on the roadway, including by a contractor, may be subject to a $164 fine.

Disposing of Appliances, White Goods, Computers, & Other Electronics

Do you have old appliances and/or electronics no longer needed? You can dispose of these at a variety of companies within the area. The Village does not accept these items and cannot dispose of them for you.

Appliances and White Goods

Computers & Other Electronics

Household Hazardous Waste

Certain household hazardous waste items cannot be discarded with your weekly garbage and are not eligible for special pick ups. You can drop your hazardous waste at a Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) collection center. Visit the MMSD Home Hazmat Collection website for more information.

Household hazardous waste includes, but is not limited to:

  • Antifreeze
  • Kerosene
  • Transmission fluids
  • Paints & paint thinners
  • Drain cleaners & other chemicals