Occupancy Permit

The Building Inspector shall make a final inspection of all new buildings, additions and alterations. If no violations of this or any other ordinance be found, the Building Inspector shall issue an occupancy permit, stating the purpose for which the building is to be used.

No building, nor part thereof, shall be occupied until such certificate has been issued, nor shall any building be occupied in any manner which conflicts with the conditions set forth in the occupancy permit.

The Building Inspector shall have the authority and power to permit the occupancy of any building or structure in the municipality, prior to issuance of an occupancy certificate, in all such cases of hardship, as in his judgment and discretion warrant occupancy before final stage of completion as set forth in this chapter. Before granting such permission, the Building Inspector shall first examine the premises and determine if it is safe and sanitary. The Building Inspector shall determine the time within which such building or structure can be completed. Such time should not exceed 120 days.