Swimming Pool

Pool Closed

Due to irreparable mechanical problems with facility plumbing, the Fox Point Municipal Pool was closed in 2023. Very recently it became apparent that due to the age of the facility, Staff and contracted services were no longer able to find replacement parts that are crucial to managing the mechanics of the facility.

Next Steps

The Village Board in July 2023 created the Municipal Pool Citizens Committee which is tasked with creating a 501c3 nonprofit organization that would privately fund-raise for a new facility.

Friends of the Fox Point Pool

The Municipal Pool Citizens Committee is currently drafting bylaws for the 'Friends of the Fox Point Pool' and is accepting applications for the nonprofit Board of Directors which will be tasked with privately raising funds for a new facility. 

To apply, please submit an application along with resume (if desired) to the Assistant Village Manager by December 22, 2023.

Studies, Surveys, Reports, and Pool Committee Docs