Water & Sewer Bills

Water bills are quarterly and are mailed to water utility customers on:

  • March 1 (due March 20)
  • June 1 (due June 20)
  • September 1 (due September 20)
  • December 1 (due December 20)

If you do not receive a bill by the first of these months, contact Kestra Jost, utility clerk, at (414) 247-6627.

Pay Online

Water utility customers can now pay their water and sewer utility bill online. Click here to pay a bill.

To make a payment without creating an account:

  1. Click "Quick Pay" in the right-hand column.
  2. Enter your account number and address in the corresponding boxes.
  3. Click "Search."
  4. View your bill and pay.

What Does "No Usage" Mean on a Water Bill?

If your water/sewer bill says "No Usage" even though you have been and are using water, the reader that is connected to your water meter has malfunctioned and needs repair. Call Village Hall at (414) 351-8900 to schedule a repair appointment.

Contact Us

Kestra Jost, Utility Clerk