Tree Pests & Invasive Plants

Invasive Plant Species Treatment

The Village has taken a proactive approach in reducing invasive plants within publicly owned properties. The Village does not manage or treat privately owned properties. 

We remove invasive plants and treat their stumps whenever we encounter them while performing forestry activities in the Village. Additionally, the Fox Point Indian Creek Stewardship Group annually sponsors 2 volunteer invasive removal projects, 1 each spring and fall at Indian Creek Woods. They also plan to monitor the reconstructed Indian Creek waterway and associated wetlands and remove any invasive plants that may be beginning to get established.

We encourage residents to become educated about invasive plants and work towards their elimination through management of their properties. For more information please visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Invasive Plant page.


Buckthorn is an invasive -- it does not grow naturally here. It was introduced as an ornamental shrub in Wisconsin as early as 1849. It aggressively competes with native plants, casting a dense shade as it matures into tall shrubs and trees. The shading has a destructive effect on native herbaceous and low-shrub plants and may prevent the establishment of native tree seedling.

Garlic Mustard

Garlic mustard is a cool-season biennial herb that ranges from 12 to 48 inches in height as an adult flowering plant. Leaves and stems emit the distinctive odor of onion or garlic when crushed (particularly in spring and early summer) and help distinguish the plant from all other woodland mustard plants

For more about Buckthorn or Garlic Mustard (PDF)

Leaf Disease

The 2 primary foliar diseases are Maple Anthracnose and Tar Spot. These fungal diseases are not considered to be “life threatening” to maple trees. If an infected tree is in relatively good health, it can withstand these leaf fungal diseases. You can reduce the number of spores that cause anthracnose and tar spot by raking up and discarding fallen, infected leaves.

The Village of Fox Point does not apply fungicides to prevent or cure these leaf diseases.

Infected Anthracnose Maple LeafTar_Spot-286x252