Navajo, Seneca and Lake Drive Restoration Activities

Staff has been working with the Village’s contractor (Michels Civil) with respect to the landscape restoration and road patching activities that need to be completed from last year’s construction project. As many of you have probably noticed, there are more weeds in the landscaped areas than what there should be and we have informed Michels that this is an item that needs to be addressed.

Staff was informed late Wednesday afternoon that their subcontractor is planning to be in town on Friday to apply a herbicide and fertilizer to all areas that required landscape restoration. This will help knock down the weeds and stimulate the growth of the grass that has already taken root. Areas will also receive additional seeding (particularly the bare areas) to assist in the restoration. They are also working with their contractor on the road patches on Lake Drive, Mohawk and Crossway and will be addressing other remaining items over the course of the next few weeks.

We sincerely appreciate the patience of those along the construction route as the inconvenience has dragged on far longer than any of us had hoped or planned. Feel free to contact Scott Brandmeier at or 414-351-8900 with any other questions or concerns.