Public Comment at Village Board Meetings

The Board believes that the public should have input on its agenda items as well as any other item of community interest. In order to foster this objective, the Board will give the public an opportunity for comment at each Village Board meeting by placing a public comment (Persons desiring to be heard) item on each regular meeting agenda. 

Non-Agenda & Agenda Items

General public comments on non-agenda items will be permitted at the beginning of a Village Board meeting, prior to the Board addressing general business items on the agenda. The Village President will invite public comment on an agenda item after the Board has taken up the item up but before a motion on the item is made. 

Comment Process

Individuals can address the Village Board on one or more topics for up to three-minutes with time extensions at the Village President's discretion. Individuals desiring to be heard may reserve a portion of their time, or defer it altogether, to when the Board takes up an agenda item. In connection with non-agenda items, no action will be taken except for possible referrals to individuals or committees.